OBBIJIN / planning and sales of high-end luxury women’s clothing and original goods


Introducing the original brand KIWAKA to the world

“the spirit of Japanese craftsmanship”
“a new sense of quality”
“a feeling of luxury”

Different areas in Japan have their own unique style of traditional brocade, such as Nishijin-Ori. We have long been wanting to use these wonderful fabrics and create luxury goods of worldwide standards. In 2015, we launched a new business “OBBIJIN” and started to source a fabric that would allow us to fulfill this dream.

This became a reality when we encountered one particular type of pile fabric produced in Wakayama, known as Kinkazan-ori. This fabric had already been recognized locally and internationally as one of the finest interior materials that was only used to decorate the finest furnishings.

We were so impressed by this particular fabric produced in Wakayama prefecture that we truly believe there is a real possibility of using this to create luxury products with a new sense of appreciation.

The founder herself is from Wakayama, and so it was important for her to reflect this in the brand’s name. KIWAKA was conceived from Kishu (KI), which is the previous name of Wakayama, and the current name of Wakayama (WAKA). From that moment, KIWAKA was born.

About us

Company colussio KANDA
Founder Toshimi Kanda
Address 701, 1-17-10, Kitahorie, Nishi-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan 550-0014
Telephone number 06-6648-8123
How to contact us Contact form here
Company Establishment *2006
We started our business as a high-end tailor made women’s clothing agency that connected the manufacturer with the wholesaler.
We became a retailer and expanded our business into cosmetics.
OBBIJIN was launched.
KIWAKA brand was created.
*May 2019
Releasing (Launching) the independently designed “TOSHIMI” brand with Jewel ZIP TOP.
*June 2019
In conjunction with the release of our TOSHIMI brand, we are changing our business name to “colussio KANDA”.
Services Product design, manufacturing, wholesales and retailing of the original KIWAKA brand.